Cluj-Napoca will 'relegate to history' hard photocopies

Cluj-Napoca will 'relegate to history' hard photocopies

The Romanian City Hall continues to implement new technologies for faster and more comfortable services to taxpayers

The City Hall of Cluj-Napoca will "relegate to history" the photocopies of various documents that are requested from citizens, informed Mayor Emil Boc on Facebook. The mayor's office purchased 60 devices that can scan the paperwork.

With that announcement, Cluj-Napoca City Hall wants to show that it continues the process of implementing new technologies to provide faster, more comfortable and simpler public services for its taxpayers. In this way, every citizen will save time and money.

A 100% paperless administration

The goal that the Municipality is heading towards is clear: every citizen can directly access from their mobile phone or computer any service and information of public interest. In other words, a 100% paperless administration.

To that end, Cluj continues to implement digitization as part of the current legislation. The aim is to increase citizen safety and process efficiency, including the cases where citizens continue to use the counters.

Last week saw the installation of new high-performance scanner systems at the Registry of the Citizen Information Center and in the headquarters of the district town halls. Cluj residents will not have to make the now “infamous” administrative bulletin copies anymore, regardless of the legal procedure they have to follow.

In total, 60 such devices were installed at the Registry Information Center and the 8 district town halls. 

Mayor Boc personally tested the new device. Photo by Facebook/ Emil Boc

In general, legal provisions oblige the local administrations to request copies from various documents (in some cases, it can be even 5 or 6 per document).

But from now paperwork will be registered without the usual copies by using the new network of professional scanners, which will allow integration with the internal document management system used by the Cluj-Napoca City Hall.

The new equipment will have a direct impact on all the cases which require:

  • a copy after the bulletin,
  • a copy of the registration certificate issued by the Trade Register,
  • copies of birth, death or marriage certificates,
  • property deeds, copies of CF extracts, etc.

The local authorities can eliminate the discomfort to citizens caused by these necessary legal steps,  and will also be able to save time, paper and other resources. Cluj-Napoca vows to continue the automation of processes in all parts of its administration, providing a simpler and more convenient way for citizens to submit applications.



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