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Comeback Copenhagen 2023: a plan to help tourism recover after COVID

Comeback Copenhagen 2023: a plan to help tourism recover after COVID

The Danish government has teamed up with the capital and its tourist board to attract more visitors

Over the past two years, the tourism industry has suffered tremendously. Although some cities have managed to attract visitors and return tourism to pre-pandemic levels, many destinations are still struggling. Denmark’s capital city is one such destination as Copenhagen is still awaiting the return of tourists.

For this reason, the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs has teamed up with the City of Copenhagen and Wonderful Copenhagen to create a recovery plan, launching Comeback Copenhagen 2023. Under this plan, the three bodies focus on four key points: growth, transition, local value and sustainability.  

What is more, they aim to set a direction for the capital’s tourism to make it greener and return it to its pre-pandemic success. Commenting on Comeback Copenhagen 2023, Minister Simon Kollerup explained:  

“COVID has been tough on Danish tourism, and especially hotels, tourist attractions and restaurants in our capital still feel the consequences. That is why we need something extra. With the new recovery plan, we are intensifying our efforts so that our tourism companies get back on track and become even greener and more robust in the future.”

EUR 9 million to accelerate recovery

To achieve its goals, the government will allocate DKK 68 million (over EUR 9 million) to help businesses recover and strengthen tourism. More specifically, it will put the money towards marketing, business courses for tourism companies, the appointment of local tourism ambassadors, initiatives to promote more sustainable tourism, and others.

“The COVID closures and travel restrictions of recent years have inflicted losses on Copenhagen’s tourism industry. Many of our companies are still on their knees. That is why I am glad that with the new joint plan, we will give the industry a much-needed boost,” shared the Mayor of Copenhagen Sophie Hæstorp Andersen.

The mayor further added that the Tour de France will run through the city's streets this summer; as such, she invites citizens from all over the country to visit the capital and experience something new rather than travelling abroad this year. In this way, domestic tourists can help the capital and its businesses recover from the effects of the pandemic.



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