Plans for Vienna's Grillgasse station, Source: ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

Connectivity in Vienna up for further improvements with upgrades to Grillgasse station

Connectivity in Vienna up for further improvements with upgrades to Grillgasse station

Authorities want to make travel by bus and train the principal means of transport in the Austrian capital

In order for even more people to switch from their own cars to trains and buses, public transport must be modern and comfortable. In an attempt to get a little closer to this goal, ÖBB is modernizing the Vienna Grillgasse station on the border between the two Viennese districts of Simmering and Favoriten. Construction started on January 18, 2021, and a total of 10.4 million euros will be invested in the modernization of the new stop and in the renewal of the tracks and overhead lines.

Renewing everything from the ground-up

The new Vienna Grillgasse stop will be inviting, transparent and comfortable. A total of three elevators ensure barrier-free access to the platform: one to the left of the railway in Vienna Simmering, another on the right of the railway in Vienna Favoriten (near the Böhmischer Prater) and the third in the middle to the island platform. The new transition bridge is completely enclosed in glass and offers protection from the weather.

In addition, the footbridge also plays a district-connecting role between Simmering and Favoriten. Passengers and walkers can safely and comfortably take the railway line to the Laaer Wald recreation area, where the Bohemian Prater can also be found. The access to the transition walkway to the left of the railway on the Simmering side is also being made more attractive.

By renewing the tracks and the track substructure, vibrations and noise generation are reduced to a minimum. This makes the train journey even quieter and more comfortable for passengers.

However, the main part of the work will be on the complete renovation of the platforms and a new, modern transition walkway. The new 160-meter long island platform will be barrier-free. Furthermore, the platform will have transparent and all-round closed glass waiting booths and a modern platform roof. This also protects passengers from wind and adverse weather.

In addition to several other improvements meant to bolster accessibility and improve travel time, train tracks will also be swapped and changed. The work is expected to last until November 2021 at the latest.

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