A taxi using one of the airport's existing chargers, Source: CPH on Facebook

Copenhagen Airport to install 1,350 charging points over the next 10 years

Copenhagen Airport to install 1,350 charging points over the next 10 years

CPH claims that this would make it Denmark's largest charging station

On 28 February, Copenhagen Airport (CPH) revealed that it signed an agreement with the Jutland energy group EWII to help accelerate its green transition. More specifically, the two bodies have agreed to install 1,350 new charging points at the capital's airport over the next 10 years; this, in turn, would make CPH the largest charging station in Denmark. 

Green objectives

The airport will begin the installation of the charging stations this year, adding 195 charging points at various locations, which will benefit employees, passengers, and taxis. In a press release, CPH disclosed that it recorded an average of 83,000 daily passengers in 2019. Of these, many used the airport’s 14,000 parking spaces and the existing charging stations. 

With such a large number of passengers, however, the airport has recognised the need to enhance its charging infrastructure. CPH's Commercial Director Peter Krogsgaard commented on the agreement with EWII, noting:

“CPH priorities sustainable development. We are already in the process of developing the sustainable airport of the future with the EU project ALIGHT, and with the installation of several new charging points, we will not only meet the needs of both passengers and employees at CPH but also support the total share of the airport’s vehicles, of which approximately 40% are already powered by electricity.”

Krogsgaard went further, sharing that the stations must be installed on “both sides of the fence” so that they improve both the customer experience of passengers and the operations of the airport. EWII’s CEO Lars Bonderup Bjørn also commented on CPH’s goals, sharing:

“Copenhagen Airport is taking an important and courageous step with the establishment of a well-developed charging infrastructure that both invites guests to drive green and emphasises the airport’s own ambition for a green transition.”



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