Copenhagen already has Israel Square - seen on this photo, Source: Depositphotos

Copenhagen delays naming of square after Palestine

Copenhagen delays naming of square after Palestine

The Danish capital’s renaming board was about to make its decision on Monday, but then the Middle East’s newest war began

Yesterday, 9 October, Copenhagen’s Road Names Board was supposed to gather and make a decision about the proposed naming of one of the city’s squares. The timing, however, was more than unfortunate because the proposed new name was Palestine Square.

The start of the bloody conflict between the Palestinian militant organization Hamas and Israel during the weekend, however, has put a brake on these plans. The city’s tech and environment councillor Line Barfod, who is part of the board, announced that the decision about the renaming has been postponed given the heated geopolitical circumstances.

Why the naming proposal in the first place?

A political majority at Copenhagen City Hall wants Palæstinas Plads (the Danish name of the proposed square) in the district of Nørrebro. According to the plan, the site is to be located in the currently unnamed area between Nørrebrogade, Esromgade and Hillerødgade in that district.

Nørrebro is known as the hip, multicultural neighbourhood of the Danish capital. It’s a place whose community celebrates tolerance, coexistence and different cultures living side by side, given its demographic make-up composed of people from immigrant backgrounds.

Copenhagen already has Israel Square (Israels Plads). That’s why, some parties in the city council had proposed the naming of a Palestine Square as a way of accommodating Copenhageners with connections to Palestine and to provide balance.

We still think it's a good idea, because there are many people living in Copenhagen with roots in Palestine, and it was to create something positive for them, just as we do with all sorts of other place names. But it will inevitably be read into the terrible situation that is still unfolding, so we cannot do it now,” explained Line Barfod speaking to Berlingske newspaper.

Mrs Barfod added that the decision to name the square has been postponed but not dropped, so it will wait for more favourable times.



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