Parked e-car recharging in Copenhagen, Source: Depositphotos

Copenhagen ends free parking for zero-emission vehicles

Copenhagen ends free parking for zero-emission vehicles

Now the owners of such cars and motorcycles will have to pay the standard rates

It looks like Copenhagen has decided to turn the tap off when it comes to incentivizing drivers to acquire emission-free vehicles. Starting with the new year, electric and hydrogen-powered cars and motorcycles will not be able to benefit from free parking on the territory of the Danish capital anymore.

This was stipulated in the budget agreement for 2024 and now the city is looking to fill back its coffers with fees from parking spots. That same step was already taken by the Frederiksberg Municipality (a satellite town in the Copenhagen metropolitan area) last autumn.

Four years of free parking

The incentive was first introduced in 2020 during the Covid pandemic as a way to accelerate the appeal of electric and hydrogen cars for ownership. By now, it seems that the authorities are confident that clean car ownership has started to take firm roots in the local urban culture boosted not only by the free parking benefit but also by the introduction of test zero-emission zones in the city where fossil fuel cars are prohibited. By 2030, the city hopes to have banished all polluting cars from its streets, also through legislation.

In addition to paying hourly parking fees, electric and hydrogen vehicles were exempted from time limits on parking in certain municipal zones, the same way neighbourhood residents are. This exemption has also been waived.

It is also stated that emission-free shared cars without a fixed base must have a city-wide license, available for DKK 695 (about 93 euros). Shared cars with a fixed base continue on unchanged terms.



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