High Five Campaign, Source: City of Copenhagen

Copenhagen launches recruitment campaign to promote jobs in education

Copenhagen launches recruitment campaign to promote jobs in education

The High Five campaign stresses the impact teachers have on the development of children

This week, Copenhagen launched a new recruitment campaign to encourage people to pursue a career in education. The High Five campaign seeks to increase people’s interest in this field by showing the role teachers play in the development of children.

On its website, the City of Copenhagen reports that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important in terms of development. As such, it is crucial to have skilled and trained professionals working at nurseries and kindergartens.

Insufficient number of teachers

Currently, there is a severe shortage of teachers and educators throughout the country – especially in the metropolitan area. According to the City of Copenhagen, interest and enrolment in the field of education has fallen significantly for five years in a row. In addition to this, the number of children has steadily increased. It follows then that nurseries and kindergartens struggle to find sufficient staff.

In a press release by the municipality, the Children and Youth Mayor Jesper Christensen commented on the campaign, noting that the city hopes it will make people realise the importance of teachers: “Educators do not just look after children. They are specialists in children’s development and formation. And we need those specialists when we have a goal that all the city’s day care institutions must have a high quality for children.”

The High Five campaign will be run via the municipality’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. On these platforms, teachers will post photographs and share their stories, explaining what they do at work and how their jobs impact children. The campaign’s website ( will also feature similar images and stories.

It must be noted that the High Five campaign is part of a larger ongoing effort by the City of Copenhagen to encourage more people to join the field of pedagogy and education.



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