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Copenhagen prepares for the Year of Architecture 2023

Copenhagen prepares for the Year of Architecture 2023

As the World Capital of Architecture for 2023, the Danish city will hold numerous special events

Next year, the Danish capital will present its tourists and residents with a variety of events and activities focusing on architecture. This, according to a press release, comes after Copenhagen was chosen to be the World Capital of Architecture for 2023 by UNESCO and the International Union of Architects UIA in 2021.

It follows then that Copenhagen has named 2023 the Year of Architecture. Moreover, it has prepared a rich programme under the title “Copenhagen in Common – We have the city in common”. As this heading suggests, the Year of Architecture aims to bring people together by underlining the things they have in common, namely the city's architecture and history.

Forming partnerships

At present, more than 70 partners have signed up to take part in the Year of Architecture programme. Some of these partners include museums that will curate exhibitions and launch special events that focus on Copenhagen’s architecture. Architect Camilla van Deurs commented on the importance of partnerships, sharing:

“As the title of the year indicates, architecture is something we share, something we have in common. That is why it is a huge strength that so many different actors are going to contribute to the programme. I am very much looking forward to a diverse programme, which will only get better and better from here and until the year starts.”

More information about the first edition of the programme can be seen on the Year of Architecture’s website, There, one can also register to participate in the event as a partner, company, or citizen.

The programme will begin in January 2023 and last until December 2023. Throughout the year, one will have the opportunity to attend various special events, such as the Open House, which will take place in March and allow citizens to visit more than 50 buildings otherwise closed to the public.

Copenhagen’s Mayor of Technology and the Environment, Line Barfod, stressed that while the Year of Architecture will pay tribute to the capital’s beautiful landmarks, it will also spark discussions about architecture’s role in the development of a sustainable city.



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