A scene from the 2015 Copenhagen Pride parade, Source: Copenhagen Pride

Copenhagen Pride will be first in the world to use only e-vehicles

Copenhagen Pride will be first in the world to use only e-vehicles

This year, green will be the most prominent of the rainbow flag colours

The Copenhagen Pride parade will take place in August this year, however, it is already making a splash with the announcement of its organizers that they will only use floats placed on electric trucks. This will make it the first such pride event in the world to do so.

Scheduled to take place on 19 August, the parade will start at Frederiksberg Rådhus and continue on to Rådhuspladsen. Many of the floats will be provided by the logistics company DFDS Group and Volvo Trucks.

Bringing social and environmental celebrations together

Pride parades have blossomed worldwide as the main vector of bringing up the LGBTQ struggle for equal rights and celebrating sexual and love diversity. Taking the step from social justice to environmental justice seems only natural and Copenhagen will be the first city to bring attention to both by decarbonizing its pride parade.

The commitment to using electric vehicles is fulfilling a three-year goal agreed upon last autumn to make the festival more environmentally friendly.

This is one step in that direction. Using 100 percent electric vehicles makes the parade more sustainable and green,” said Lars Henriksen, the political chairperson of Copenhagen Pride, as quoted by CPH Post. He underlined the need for the parade to make that transition by stating that the climate crisis also affects LGBTQ communities more disproportionately than others.

According to DFDS, an electric truck saves on average 52.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. The company has said that it will provide 30 such vehicles from its fleet for the needs of the parade.

The Volvo Trucks will be equipped with sound systems, toilets and DJs powered by the truck battery – all with zero emissions. 



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