nybrogade, Source: Nybrogade (Copenhagen) by Sigfrid Lundberg from Lund, Sweden, on Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 2.0

Copenhagen’s Nybrogade reopens following historic renovations

Copenhagen’s Nybrogade reopens following historic renovations

The historic street has become greener and more cycling-friendly after 9 months of renovations

Work has finally wrapped up on Copenhagen’s Nybrogade street after 9 months of renovations. The 200-metre stretch now boasts a brand-new look and has become greener and more accommodating for cyclists.

The Nybrogade renovations have long been a priority for local authorities in the Danish capital as it marks the end of the work of constructing a promenade all the way along Frederiksholms Kanal - from Prinsens Bro over Gl. Beach and to Holmens Bro.

Surprises along the way

The historically important street between Gl. Strand and Frederiksholms Kanal will be completely transformed after a major construction project is finally be completed at the end of November. Some 31 parking spaces have been dismantled in order to make the street more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly. They have been replaced by 27 bicycle parking spaces and a wide promenade by the canal with new trees surrounded by Copenhagen benches.

The work on the Nybrogade renovations was not without its issues, however. The project was initially supposed to take 6 months to complete but was delayed for a period of 3 months because of the discovery of archaeological finds from the old bulwark by Frederikshavn's Canal along its tracks.

Furthermore, officials have tried to make sure that all voices and concerns of citizens are taken into account during the modernization. Residents around Nybrogade have from the start feared that after the renovation the street would end with more outdoor seating and nightlife. Currently, the Covid-19 restrictions ensure that nightlife is kept to a minimum, but in general, the concern has been considered from the beginning of the project, which is why narrow sidewalks have been laid out, which are not suitable for outdoor dining and instead promote pedestrian traffic.




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