The Italian train-clinic, also known as the 'health train', Source: Italian State Railways Facebook page

Covid-free trains in Italy to begin running in April

Covid-free trains in Italy to begin running in April

Italian state railways do their part in fighting the pandemic

Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, the state railway company of Italy, announced yesterday (8 March) some important interventions against the COVID-19 pandemic, which will seek to place the enterprise as an important actor in the national efforts against the disease.

Chief of these is the reported introduction of the so-called ‘COVID-free’ trains that will start running between Rome and Milan in April. This will serve as a trial with a view to expanding this specialized service during the summer to other important tourist destinations in the country and thus offset somewhat the heavy impact on the Italian tourism industry caused by the restrictions.

An example of constant adaptation in adverse conditions

Gianfranco Battisti, the CEO of the company, was at Roma Termini station yesterday in order to present this and other initiatives. He declared that the ‘COVID-free’ trains will be the first such to run in Europe and the project will be made possible with the collaboration of the Italian Red Cross. Organization volunteers will be present at the platforms to test train officials and passengers before they board the trains.

This was not the only pioneering idea on part of the railway company and the company reps were in Roma Termini in order to also present a specialized health train, which is in essence a mobile clinic able to travel to regions hit hard by the epidemic.

The convoy is equipped with dedicated medical personnel on 8 carriages equipped with specific medical equipment. It can transport patients in Italy and abroad to alleviate the pressure on hospitals and integrate the local health service in case of use as an Advanced Medical Post,” explained Battisti.

He added that Roma Termini, the station they were at, was also to become the first railway vaccination hub in Italy. Once again, this will be made possible thanks to the Red Cross, which will set up 21 vaccination points at the facility in order to carry out 1500 vaccinations per day.

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