Masks will still be required in public transport

Covid restrictions melt away in Berlin

Covid restrictions melt away in Berlin

Mask requirement has dropped for 35 streets and squares. An overview of the new rules.

The Berlin Senate made the decision to lift mask requirements for outdoor areas on Tuesday, 15 June 2021. Previously, masks were mandatory on 35 busy streets and squares, as well as the two Berlin zoos. Now, as things are starting to get back to normal, and Covid-infection rates have been steadily dropping for the past week, the city felt confident to reopen more areas.

Hospitals are experiencing an unexpected relief

Mayor Michael Müller expressed his satisfaction with the significant drop in infection rates in a press conference after the Senate meeting.

However, masks must still be worn on public transport. Mr Müller also commented on that: "It is getting more crowded. We're working less from home; we have more tourists in the city and the pandemic is not over yet.

Alcohol can be served after midnight

Here are the details of yesterday’s resolution:

  • The mask requirement has been waived in 35 streets and squares. Most of these are in Mitte and Kreuzberg. Mask must still be worn outdoors where groups of people gather, like queues.
  • Social distancing guidelines remain in place e.g. three families can meet inside but only if they are up to six people, excluding children. Fully vaccinated people are exempt.
  • Serving alcohol is allowed after midnight.
  • The mask requirement remains indoors. This applies to gyms, where there will be no further alleviation of measures.
  • Outdoor events are possible with up to 1,000 people. If they are more than 250, testing is compulsory.
  • Indoor events will be allowed with up to 250 people, with compulsory testing.
  • Fairs and festivals will be possible again.
  • Universities will switch to in-person teaching.
  • A visit to the hairdresser requires a negative test or a mask.
  • Saunas and indoor pools can open.
  • Casinos can open.
  • Graduation parties, weddings and funerals are allowed - larger ones require a hygiene plan.

Covid-cases are down all across Europe and everywhere cities are breathing a sigh of relief, as the rate of hospitalisations drop. At a first glance, things seem to be returning to normality.

However, this sense of security could be false as new and more contagious variants of COVID-19 are emerging. This is why Berlin’s vaccination centres will remain open, probably past September.

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