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Croatia announces new criteria for tourists

Croatia announces new criteria for tourists

As of 1 April, travellers who fulfil the required standards will be able to enter the country

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports in the Republic of Croatia has announced new criteria for tourists entering the country. As of 1 April, people from third countries and the EU can visit Croatia if they have recovered from COVID or have a negative PCR/antigen test from the EU test list or have been vaccinated.

Tests at tourist destinations

In a press release, the Ministry explains that it is working with regional tourist boards and the Croatian Institute of Public Health to create as many PCR and rapid tests points as possible at various tourist destinations. By doing so, the country will ensure the protection of both tourists and residents.

The Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac commented on the new developments, stating: “This is an important step in the preparations for the main part of the tourist year. Croatia is fully ready to start tourist movements and that is the message we are sending to our emitting markets. The epidemiological situation remains the key, so it is extremely important to continue to adhere to epidemiological measures.”

Safe Stay in Croatia project

In February, the Safe Stay in Croatia project was announced by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Croatian National Tourist Board. The ultimate goal of this project is to inform tourists which locations and accommodations are considered safe. Moreover, Safe Stay in Croatia provides information regarding the epidemiological situation in each of Croatia’s counties.

It is important to note that the country is not only considering the safety of its tourists and residents but also of those who are employed in the tourism sector. Taking this further, the Ministry reported that it is currently working towards giving tourism workers priority vaccinations in the coming months.

Minister Brnjac explains that by taking care of all people in all segments, Croatia proves itself as a safe and responsible destination.



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