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Croatia anticipates a more profitable tourist season than last year

Croatia anticipates a more profitable tourist season than last year

The country expects a successful season and a long postseason

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the tourism industry has seen a sharp drop in visitors and business. Now, Croatia is hopeful that the 2021 tourist season will be better than last year’s. More specifically, Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac and Director of the Croatian Tourism Association Veljko Ostojic revealed that they expect to see a significant rise.

In a press release by the government, Ostojic explained: “Whether it [the tourist season] will be better by ten or twenty percent is difficult to predict at the moment. It will definitely not be like in 2019, because we practically skipped the pre-season, but according to all announcements from our most important markets, I expect a very good main season and a long postseason.”

What will this rise be owed to?

The pandemic is not over yet as masks are still required, people still prefer to work from home, and many are afraid of meeting up with friends and loved ones. So, where will this rise in tourism come from?

According to Brnjac, Croatia’s rise in tourism will mostly be owed to the country’s impressive efforts to vaccinate those who are employed in this sector. The Minister explained that everyone understands the importance of vaccinations and that statistics have shown that nearly 70% of all employees in the tourism sector are willing to take the vaccine.

Moreover, the rise in tourism will also be influenced by the introduction of a digital green certificate as well as the country’s numerous campaigns. Some of these promotional campaigns include “Safe Stay in Croatia”,  “Croatian Islands – COVID-free zones” and “Experience local. Explore rural country!”

All of this has been done with the goal of assuring tourists that Croatia is a safe destination that prioritises their wellbeing and security. For this reason, Ostojic strongly believes that unless the epidemiological situation unexpectedly worsens, the tourist season must undoubtedly be more profitable than the last.



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