zagreb boat, Source: President of Croatia

Croatia flirts with solar-powered transport

Croatia flirts with solar-powered transport

The president of Croatia Zoran Milanović took part in the presentation of a solar-powered boat in Zagreb’s lake Jarun

Low or no-carbon transport alternatives are all the rage these days in Europe and its cities. National administrations and local governments are all seeking new ways to embark on a seamless transformation of all walks of life into ones that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With transport playing an enormous part in climate change and affecting the environment in enormous ways, it should come as no surprise that officials are more and more turning their gazes towards finding sustainable alternatives to traditional transportation models.

On the lake, under the sun

Croatia is among the countries that are ready to embrace sustainable development and energy in as many facets of life as possible. This commitment was made apparent with the visit of the country’s president Zoran Milanović to the maiden voyage of a new solar-powered boat in Zagreb’s lake Jarun.

The vehicle, developed by the company ICat, is already being used across the entire country for tourism purposes. According to the developers, it presents a perfect opportunity for many operators to shift their gears away from polluting vehicles and towards the future.

The boat – called solarCat, is equipped with an integrated solar power plant, allowing it to be entirely self-sufficient when travelling. The vehicle receives all of its energy from its own sources, thus making it completely environmentally friendly.

During his visit to the launch site, Croatian president Zoran Milanović affirmed his belief that more businesses and institutions should look towards promoting the use of climate-friendly technologies, pointing out that the EU provides ample financing for such initiatives.

"There are a lot of funds for such projects in Europe. This is actually a way of thinking and acting. This is our product that is already sailing and is being sold, " stated the Croatian President.



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