A COVID vaccination bus , Source: Government of the Republic of Croatia

Croatia makes vaccines accessible to people who live in secluded areas

Croatia makes vaccines accessible to people who live in secluded areas

The government announced the launch of COVID vaccination buses

Currently, over 40% of Croatia’s adult population has been vaccinated. While these statistics are undoubtedly impressive, the government has now reported that the interest in vaccines is steadily decreasing. Referring to the detection of new COVID strains and the beginning of the tourist season, the Minister of Health Vili Beroš noted that people must continue to protect themselves.

As such, Beroš and the Director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health Krunoslav Capak announced a new initiative designed to further boost the percentage of individuals who have been vaccinated. More specifically, Beroš and Capak visited Virovitica-Podravina county on 14 June where they presented the launch of COVID vaccination buses.

Giving everyone the opportunity to protect themselves

As of 14 June, the aforementioned buses will travel to rural and secluded areas with the aim of giving everyone the opportunity to get vaccinated, regardless of where they live. Capak commented on the initiative, noting: “This bus that will tour rural areas is the first proof that vaccination will be made more accessible to those who may have hesitated to travel to Virovitica and now have the opportunity to be vaccinated on the spot, near their homes.”

The first COVID vaccination bus will travel around the Virovitica-Podravina county from 14 to 18 June and stop in 6 locations: Stari Gradac, Otrovanec, Velika Črešnjevica, Turnašica, Špišić Bukovica, and Bušetina.

With these new buses, the government hopes to not only make vaccinations more accessible but to also remind the nation how crucial it is to continue fighting against the spread of the virus. Taking this further, Capak stressed that a new wave is expected to take place during the autumn season. As such, he highlighted that it is vital for everyone to protect themselves and get vaccinated.

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