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Croatia targets 12 countries with new promotional campaign

Croatia targets 12 countries with new promotional campaign

“Trust Me I’ve Been There” will be tailored to reflect the interests of each country

On 19 May, the Croatian government announced that the country has launched yet another promotional campaign to attract tourists and present Croatia as a safe destination. “Trust Me I’ve Been There” was initiated by the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) and it targets specific markets.

That is, the new promotional campaign is aimed at 12 countries: Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Russia.

Each country will be targeted with different images

“Trust Me I’ve Been There” will run until the end of July on social media networks, TV channels, billboards, public transport, popular newspapers, etc. More importantly, it will be specially tailored to reflect the interests of each country. Taking this further, the government reported that the campaign will depict the favourite destinations, activities, and products of each target market.

For example, the Tourist Board seeks to attract Germans by sending messages related to sun, sea, enogastronomy, Istria and Kvarner. Targeting Polish tourists, the campaign will depict images of the Makarska Riviera and Dalmatia. Finally, images of Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar will be used to attract British tourists, while the French market will be targeted with cultural activities.   

"This campaign differs from all previous ones because it is personalized and adjusted to the preferences of each market and with that goal, we have created special messages for each market. Croatia as an ideal and safe destination for summer vacation,” explained director of CNTB Kristjan Staničić in a press release.

Safety is a priority

In any case, the campaign seeks to present the country as a safe destination for all. Minister of Tourism Nikolina Brnjac emphasises this as she notes that Croatia has intensified the process of vaccinating its tourist workers and that the “Safe Stay in Croatia” project is expanding to include more and more security labels. In addition to this, Brnjac explained that over 300 points for testing tourists have been created in the country.

It must be noted that Croatia is working hard to ensure the success of this year’s tourist season. Thus far, it has launched numerous campaigns including “Croatian Islands – COVID-free zones” and “Experience local. Explore rural country!” What is more, it was the first EU member to successfully conduct a pilot test of the Digital Green Certificate system. Considering all of these efforts, it is likely that the country will have a profitable season.



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