Culture and sports in Finland will receive EUR 230.86 million

Culture and sports in Finland will receive EUR 230.86 million

This support package seeks to help the industries recover from the impact of COVID

The Finnish government has agreed on the allocation of a support package for the culture, arts, sports, and events industries. More specifically, the Ministry of Education and Culture reported that the government will allocate a total of EUR 230.86 million to the aforementioned industries to help them recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Taking this further, of this substantial support package, EUR 127.36 million will be given to culture and arts, EUR 18.5 million for sports, and EUR 85 million for the events industry.

Finland’s recovery

It is not surprising that the outbreak of COVID has most severely impacted the fields of culture and sports. That is, employees in these fields seldom have the opportunity to continue their work from the comfort of their home. It follows then that the pandemic resulted in the unemployment of countless workers and the closure of many businesses in these industries.

Now, the government is working on the country’s recovery – a recovery that is not possible without the revival of culture, arts, and sports. The Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko commented on this, noting that these industries are invaluable: “Culture, sports, and the event industry have a significant employment impact and a huge value for the spiritual atmosphere and well-being of Finland as a whole.”

The Minister discussed the importance of sports clubs and leagues, explaining that their recovery is especially important for children and young adults. Expanding on this, Saarikko revealed the pandemic has resulted in a significant decrease in people’s interest and enthusiasm in sports activities.

She further expressed her concerns, noting the youth may not wish to return to club activities. Of course, this would not only harm the sports industry but also the physical and mental wellbeing of children and young people.

As such, it is crucial to provide support for the fields of culture and sports to ensure the overall recovery and development of the country and its citizens.



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