Cyprus launches new campaign to promote composting

Cyprus launches new campaign to promote composting

Almost all kitchen waste can be used for this biological decomposition method

A campaign to encourage home composting has been launched in Cyprus by environment commissioner Ioanna Panayiotou in collaboration with the supermarket association and the press and information office, informed CyprusMail.   

The campaign is set to last for a month and during this time, informative materials will be handed out in supermarkets. In addition to this, a short video will be promoted on social and mass media to raise awareness and inform the public.

The campaign shows that composting can be done very easily in the garden using a simple compost bin to collect organic waste. It counteracts soil erosion, suppresses soil-borne pathogens, helps to save water, reduces CO2 emissions and aids the circular economy. The process could start with a bucket to collect kitchen waste, a composter, a big box for example, a fork to turn the compost and a shredder.

Almost all kitchen waste can be used for composting

In fact, almost all kitchen scraps can be used, but because of the smell meat is not recommended. Most of the garden waste should be leaves. They disintegrate quickly and are a natural source of carbon. It is recommended to leave cut grass on the ground for at least one or two days before using it. Once it turns yellow, it can be added in small quantities.

For fast results the ratio of ingredients rich in carbon (dry leaves, paper, saw dust) and those rich in nitrogen (fruit and vegetables, grass, dung) should be three to one. Usually it is not necessary to add water, as fruits and vegetables already contain enough. But it may be required to add a little from time to time during the summer months. The whole process of producing compost takes from three months to one year. It is ready when the organic matter turns into humus which has a dark brown colour.



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