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Czech cities participate in a project on healthy aging in industrial environments

Czech cities participate in a project on healthy aging in industrial environments

It is expected to reveal how polluted environments affect human health and ageing

A project funded by the European Union addresses the effects of environmental risk factors and lifestyle on the health and ageing of the population in industrial regions. Healthy Aging in Industrial Environment (HAIE) is conducted by four research centres in Czechia and could potentially give fundamental arguments for the need of legislative changes.

The overall objectives of the project are to support excellent research, improve the infrastructure of existing research centres, develop research teams and scale up beyond national borders. A number of studies are being conducted on different populations so that people living in industrial agglomerations will be compared with the inhabitants of environmentally cleaner areas.

Comparing clean with polluted regions in Czechia

The city of Ceske Budejovice will be involved in the extensive epidemiological study. The South Bohemian Region is the cleanest in the Czech Republic from the environmental point of view, but nevertheless occurrence of serious diseases is recorded. By comparing the population of this clean region with others such as Moravian-Silesian Region (one of the most polluted in Europe), the study will demonstrate the effects of bad air on health and aging. In addition to the financial compensation, participants will receive a free seminar with leading scientists on the risks of living in the region.

The project has to be completed by November 2020, but its results are expected to be far-reaching as they have a high potential for use in medicine, as a basis for formulating recommendations and interventions towards a better policy for the protection and promotion of public health. With more knowledge and efficiency, the public spending on health and social services can thus ultimately be reduced.

The project’s total value is 250 870 825,69 CZK. 213 240 201,83 CZK are provided by the EU and the rest comes from national funding and own resources of the participating partners.



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