Once a sports car, the Ferrari is taking on a new mission against crime, Source: Czech Police

Czech police confiscate a Ferrari, then use it to chase criminals

Czech police confiscate a Ferrari, then use it to chase criminals

With 300 kilometres per hour, the officers will have some advantage over runaway drivers

Yesterday, the Czech police forces unveiled a new addition to the fight against criminal activity in the Republic. It is not a weapon or a special surveillance system, but… a luxurious and powerful car. A Ferrari F 142 - 458 Italia, previously confiscated from criminals, will be deployed against the most aggressive drivers on Czech highways, such as when chasing stolen vehicles or during surveillance.

Chasing criminals with style

The sports vehicle began its service on 25 July and is one of many that the Police seizes from criminal properties every year. The authorities assured that the cost to adjust the vehicle for the needs of their work was just 12 thousand euros (300,000 Czech korunas).

The modifications include painting it in reflective yellow and blue from the original red colour, equipping it with a camera system, a radio station, a special warning light and an inscription display and a pistol speedometer will be added later on. For reference, a new vehicle of that range could reach up to 180 thousand euros in price.

The Ferrari will be used in a nationwide unit – a special Surveillance Department - deployed against the most aggressive drivers. With maximum speed of 326 kilometres per hour, it might also be mobilised when chasing stolen vehicles that pass through Czech territory to neighbouring countries, among many other purposes.

It will only be driven by specially trained officer, the Police assure.

Ferrari Police car Czech Republic

Similar vehicles are also used by foreign security forces in Italy, Germany or Great Britain. Image: Czech Police

According to police officials, the institution has been doing well in seizing assets originating from criminal activities. Last year, they have ensured assets worth 285 million euros, most of which through the regional police structures.

The Ferrari is reportedly not even the most valuable or the most rare vehicle that has been secured. In the previous year alone, they have seized almost 900 vehicles, the vast majority of which subsequently sold with the proceeds being used to cover the damage caused by the offenders. Some vehicles are also kept for official duties.



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