Zuzana Zvěřová and Miroslav Myrončuk, Source: Jedlý Kelímek Facebook

Czech students have invented an edible cup to reduce waste

Czech students have invented an edible cup to reduce waste

The Edible Cup is made from 100% natural ingredients and can hold a hot drink for 12 hours

Zuzana Zvěřová and Miroslav Myrončuk, two university students from the Czech Republic, invented the Edible Cup to help save our planet. Upon noticing how many plastic and paper cups they use, Zvěřová and Myrončuk felt inspired to find a solution that can reduce pollution.

After much thought and research, the students chose to create edible cups as they realised that everyone enjoys having a biscuit with their drink. Speaking to the local Czech news network Novinky, Zvěřová commented on the creation process: “We had a lot of trial and error, we created all possible dough combinations at home. We tried candy dough, muffin dough, pancake dough, everything possible.”


Finally, with the help of the Food Research Institute Prague and the Czech Technical University in Prague, the students found the perfect recipe. As explained on the website of the Edible Cup project (Jedlý Kelímek), the cup is made from 100% natural ingredients and only contains 56 kcal. Moreover, it is vegan and does not contain any artificial sugars or colours.

Many might doubt the endurance of such a cup, believing that it must become soggy when it is filled with hot liquid. In reality, the Edible Cup can withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius. In fact, it can hold a hot drink for twelve hours without getting ruined. Despite this, Zvěřová and Myrončuk explain that it is best to consume the cup within 40-45 minutes while it is still crispy.

Where can you find them?

Zvěřová and Myrončuk’s original plan was to launch the product for use at festivals. However, as a result of the pandemic, this was not possible. Now, the cups are used in several cafes in the Czech Republic.

  1. Prague: Choco Cafe – Betlémské náměstí, Deserterie – Náměstí Míru, Svačím zdravě
  2. Hradec Králové: Lamcafé – pražírna, Cukrárna Libuše, PEPE Café – pražírna
  3. Litoměřice: Fér kafe – kavárna, Lorefa kafe
  4. Pardubice: Bar Rhum house
  5. Jaroměř: Pražírna Café Montaña
  6. Dobřany: Dobřanská zmrzlina
  7. Třebíč: Cukrárna v uličce
  8. Rájec-Jestřábí: Coffee First
  9. Žulová: Eleanor Café

While the cups are currently produced in only one size (110ml), the students plan to begin creating and selling other sizes in the future. The Edible Cup costs 7.7 CZK (0.29 EUR) and it can be purchased on the Jedlý Kelímek website here.

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