From Monday, people must wear masks at the office

Czechia reintroduces COVID restrictions amid rising infections

Czechia reintroduces COVID restrictions amid rising infections

The measures concern the use of face masks and the costs of tests, among others

Over the past few days, Czechia has recorded an increase in the number of COVID infections. To prevent another lockdown and the further spread of the illness, the Czech Ministry of Health has now announced new restrictions that will come into force on 25 October and 1 November.

Reintroducing masks

From Monday, citizens will have to wear masks at all indoor events, regardless of the number of people present. This measure includes workplaces and offices, with individuals who work alone being exempt from this rule. 

Changes to the validity and cost of tests

The country will further tighten COVID measures from the beginning of next month as the Ministry of Health reports that the validity of PCR and antigen tests will change from 1 November. More specifically, PCR results will be valid for 72 hours instead of 7 days, while antigen test results will be valid for only 24 hours as opposed to the current 72.

Beyond this, the Czech Minister of Health Adam Vojtech revealed that COVID tests will no longer be free for all citizens. That is, they will only be free of charge for individuals under the age of 18, those who are vaccinated with either one or two doses, and people who cannot get the jab due to contraindications.

The groups that are exempt from paying will be able to access free testing once a week (for antigen tests) and twice a month (for PCR tests).

Restaurants to require COVID certificates

Also from 1 November, people who wish to visit restaurants, bars, and clubs must also present a valid COVID certificate that indicates whether they have been vaccinated, recently recovered, or tested negative. If guests do not present such a certificate or if they fail to meet the necessary requirements, venues will have to turn them away. This rule will not apply to takeaway services.

"We are seeing a significant jump in the number of infected. However, we do not want to close shops or services again, so we must introduce regime measures. We return to the situation in the spring when respirators were mandatory even within work teams, where this obligation is not present now. We target all outbreaks,” explained the Minister of Health Adam Vojtech.

On 20 October, Czechia recorded 3,269 new cases.



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