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Düsseldorf on the lookout for its next generations of childcare staff

Düsseldorf on the lookout for its next generations of childcare staff

For the first time, trainings for nannies and childcare staff will be financed by the local government

The youth welfare office of the German city of Düsseldorf is currently looking for around 80 childcarers for their daycare centres to support the educators in their work. The training as part of the pilot project "PiA.Kinderpflege -bildung" and for the first time ever it is paid for by the local government instead of out of the pocket of the trainees.

Changing times call for different measures

Up to now, the nanny training had to be financed exclusively by those willing to train. Now the youth welfare office is launching a training program together with a number of independent organizations, which provides for remuneration from the first day of the training. This is so far unique in North Rhine-Westphalia.

In the first year of training, 1140.69 euros (gross) are paid, which increases to 1303.38 euros (gross) later on. The application deadline for the 25 training positions is 28 February. The training begins on 1 August and includes more practical parts.

The pilot project "PiA.Kinderpflege-Bildung" was initiated between the youth welfare office, the NRW school ministry and the district government. Co-operation partners are the Elly-Heuss-Knapp-Schule, which covers the school-based part of the training, as well as the Freieträger Diakonie Düsseldorf, AWO, DRK, SKFM, Flingern Mobil, Jüdische Gemeinschaft and the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband, which cover the practical part for ten training places.

There are 15 places in daycare centres run by the youth welfare office. The jobcentre will also play a role in making the programme known to potential applicants.

Future nannies and childcare staff will work on the personal development, education and social skills of the children in the daycare centres. The diverse work areas are divided between the educators and the nannies. In addition, nannies also take on the care and housekeeping work, as well as the care of the interior and exterior furnishings of the locations they are employed at.

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