Haderslev has found a new solution to housing refugees

Danish municipality to house refugees in empty nursing homes

Danish municipality to house refugees in empty nursing homes

Haderslev has assured the elderly that vacant housing will still be available for those who need it

After Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, cities and towns all over Europe opened their doors to refugees. While some unveiled reception centres where Ukrainian families and individuals could sleep, others encouraged their citizens to welcome refugees into their homes. Now, the Danish Municipality of Haderslev has found yet another solution to the heavy influx of refugees, announcing that it will house Ukrainian citizens in empty nursing homes.

Thinking outside the box

In a press release, the municipality shared that public housing for the elderly will accommodate refugees who have been granted a residence permit under the Special Act. Commenting on the new decision, the Chairman of the Senior and Health Committee, Allan Emiliussen, shared:

“Right now, about 40 nursing homes for the elderly in Haderslev Municipality are empty. If they can be used to house Ukrainian refugees, then we in the Senior and Health Committee think it is a good idea. There will continue to be vacant housing for the elderly who need it.

The Danish municipality further explained that the elderly homes are typically available for rent only by individuals that are entitled to such housing under the law. However, the law also states that when the demand for housing is low, the accommodation can be rented out to other applicants if the municipal council agrees.

At the moment, 116 Ukrainian refugees have been assigned housing in Haderslev Municipality. According to estimates, this number is expected to more than double in the coming weeks as more and more people seek refuge in the country. 

According to Emiliussen, placing refugees in empty nursing homes will not only ensure that there is enough housing for all but also contribute to the smoother processing of migrants. 



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