Commercial Director of Dantaxi Vibeke Wolfsberg and TIER's Regional City Manager Frederik Heesch Hansen, Source: Dantaxi

Dantaxi and TIER team up to discourage people from using e-bikes under the influence

Dantaxi and TIER team up to discourage people from using e-bikes under the influence

The shared micro-mobility provider will redirect users who have been drinking to the taxi company

Today, two companies that one would typically perceive as competitors have announced that they have come together for a common cause. More specifically, Denmark’s largest taxi company Dantaxi and the shared micro-mobility provider TIER Mobility have agreed to join forces to reduce the number of people riding e-bikes under the influence of alcohol.

Since the appearance of shared e-bikes and e-scooters, drinking and driving has become a more complex issue; that is, it is no longer limited to car transportation as young people now use shared micro-mobility providers instead of ordering a taxi.

Redirecting TIER users to Dantaxi

As of 8 April, the users of TIER Mobility will be forced to think twice before getting on their e-bikes. Every Thursday to Sunday from 10 pm to 5 am, users will be asked if they have been drinking alcohol upon turning on the TIER Mobility app. If they respond with Yes, the app will then refer them to Dantaxi and instruct them to order a taxi instead.

“We have developed a solution that not only encourages people to leave the electric bike standing but to also make it easy to choose a safe and responsible alternative by ordering a taxi directly via the TIER app. It is in everyone’s interest to avoid drinking and driving. We do not want to see anyone get injured on an e-bike,” explained Frederik Heesch Hansen, TIER’s Regional City Manager in Denmark.

Commercial Director of Dantaxi Vibeke Wolfsberg also commented on the newly-signed agreement, sharing that it is an example of how different forms of mobility can merge with the help of technology.

This collaboration will affect not only Copenhagen but all cities where TIER offers its services.  However, it is important to stress that while the new feature will undoubtedly make people think twice before getting on an e-bike while under the influence, it cannot prevent them from doing so.



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