Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen in front of a fighter jet, Source: Danish government

Denmark invests in a stronger, more sustainable defence industry

Denmark invests in a stronger, more sustainable defence industry

The government will invest in the energy sector, space technology, cybersecurity, and AI

On 13 August, the Danish government presented a new strategy that seeks to strengthen the country’s defence industry. As times change and technology continues to advance, the threats of the future become greater and more difficult to predict. For this reason, the government has recognised the need to invest in a stronger and more sustainable defence industry that will equip Denmark against future threats and create new job opportunities.

Investing in new technologies

To keep up with the changing times, the Danish government needs to invest in new technological areas. These areas primarily include the energy sector, space technology, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

In addition to this, the new strategy will expand the defence industry’s cooperation with the “civilian world”. In other words, the government will now look to industries that have previously remained separate from defence (e.g., the energy sector and drone manufacturers).

Beyond this, the Danish government will strengthen its collaboration with research organisations. As such, it will invest in studying space, the Arctic, and new green energy solutions that will prove beneficial to the sector.

New threats call for enhanced security

According to Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen, the industry has seen novel threats in recent years. Therefore, the country must keep up with the rapid development of threats and strengthen its defence. Bramsen stressed the importance of this, noting: “A strong Danish defence industry is crucial for Danish security.”

As previously mentioned, investing in new technological areas and increasing cooperation with other industries will also result in new job opportunities. Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod commented on this, highlighting that the new strategy will not only improve the country’s security but also benefit its economy:

“Our defence industry is important to our security and our strong community of allies and partners. With the strategy, we will work for a strong and sustainable defence industry that strengthens our handling of future threats. At the same time, we want to create Danish jobs, export and attract foreign investment.”



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