Øbro-Hallen's main pool, Source: City of Copenhagen

Denmark’s oldest public swimming pool re-opens with digital lifeguard

Denmark’s oldest public swimming pool re-opens with digital lifeguard

Human lifeguards, however, will remain present at the site to ensure safety

Øbro-Hallen (in Copenhagen), which is officially Denmark’s oldest public swimming pool is ready to receive visitors once again after having been closed for renovations for more than two years. What’s great about this is not only the improved possibilities for leisure and sports activities for local residents but also the announcement that the pools at the facility have been equipped with an underwater digital lifeguard system.

This smart system, called Angel Eye, will aid the human lifeguards present at the site by detecting and alerting them of cases of abnormal swimmer behaviour in the water. The innovative system has already been employed at two other sports facilities in Denmark – at Valby Vandkulturhus, since May 2021, and in Bellahøj Swimming Stadium since 2022.

Improved swimmer safety

Øbro-Hallen is located at Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 3 in the Østerbro district and has, among other things, a 25-metre pool, a children's pool, a baby pool and a sauna. It boasts being the first such facility in Denmark having opened doors in 1930 with the fact that King Christian X was in attendance, together with Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning, testifying to the importance of the event.

Built in neoclassical style, the swimming area is a majestic hall of marble pillars, sculptures, palm trees and an arched ceiling with skylight windows. 

In the past two years, however, it had to undergo renovations as there were many damaged tiles and a glass ceiling threatening to crash down into the pool.

Øbro-Hallen regularly offers baby swimming lessons, where parents can get information and inspiration on water activities with their children. The only things which will not be available for the moment are two of the diving towers.



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