Vizafogó Park Project, Source: Liliya Stoeva / Ádám Orosz

Design plans unveiled for new park in Budapest

Design plans unveiled for new park in Budapest

A deputy mayor calls the project one of the most important local government developments of the year

Mayor Gergely Karácsony’s vision of Budapest as a green city is coming one step closer to reality with plans unveiled for the creation of a new public park in the capital’s XIII district. As Gábor Puchner, deputy mayor of the district, has revealed on his Facebook page, the local government will utilize for the purpose a nearly 1-hectare vacant plot of land adjoining apartment blocks between Esztergomi Avenue and Párkány Street near the Árpád Bridge. In his post, Puchner calls the project “one of the most important local government developments of this year”.

Eco-park type design

The design of the future Vizafogó Park will be of the “eco-park” type in terms of natural surface formation, climate protection and sustainability. The public park will have a high green area ratio, with 55 pre-cultivated trees and 9 500 perennial plants to be planted. Its centrepiece will be an artificial lake which, together with a public artwork next to it, will lend the park a unique look.  

Several drilled groundwater wells with an automatic rain detection system will take care of the greenery’s irrigation, and waterproof coatings will be used to trap rainwater. There will be resting benches installed and the park will be illuminated using low-energy LED lighting in accordance with the modern energy-saving approach.

Completion by year-end

The creative minds behind the park’s concept are: Object Landscape Architecture Office (general designer), Archikon Architects (architectural designer) and Liliya Stoeva / Ádám Orosz (landscape design).

Once the plans are finalized and permits are obtained, the construction of the park can begin, sometime around May-June, with completion expected by the end of this year, in the words of the deputy mayor of XIII district.

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