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Despite corona, Vienna’s Christmas spirit lives on

Despite corona, Vienna’s Christmas spirit lives on

In light of the pandemic, Christmas markets will be different – but they will still take place

Christmas is coming and even COVID-19 can’t stop it. The traditional Christmas markets that can be found across European cities, however, will have to adapt to radically different circumstances this year as authorities seek to limit the spread of coronavirus in the winter months.

Thus, countries across the EU, such as Luxembourg and Germany, and their cities, have already implemented measures meant to preserve the Christmas spirit while also protecting the lives and health of citizens. Austria’s Vienna is no exception.

Fewer shops but more safety

This year’s Vienna Christmas Markets might be smaller – but that’s a small price to pay for the safety of shoppers and citizens. Authorities in the Austrian capital have already given the green light to several markets and hundreds of stalls as they seek to intertwine the holidays with the pandemic.

Thus, this year, 18 markets will take place across the city. In total, there will be 852 stands which will open their doors after 12 November. The number of stalls that will be open is significantly reduced compared to previous years – nearly 200 fewer shops will be open in order to allow for greater physical distancing and to prevent the creation of bottlenecks across the city. Furthermore, at each of the markets, a maximum of one third is delegated to catering stalls which comply with all the food safety standards as mandated by the local government.

Furthermore, all healthcare measures will have to be followed to the letter – both by organisers and by attendees. The rules include mask-wearing and the keeping of a physical distance, as well as the provision of free disinfectant to all visitors of the markets. The markets’ respective stewards will be tasked with making sure that all rules are followed, and all guidelines are adhered to.



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