"Digital into the future" can be accessed from home saving a lot of time

'Digital into the future' promotes voluntary work in Rhineland-Palatinate

'Digital into the future' promotes voluntary work in Rhineland-Palatinate

Online workshops and digital toolbox will be part of the Rhineland-Palatinate project

In the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, a new project called “Digital in the Future” has been launched to promote voluntary work. It was announced this week by the state government and the project will include online training that will take place every Thursday evening treating a different current topic.

Many organisations are already using digital approaches to make their work easier and to find innovative solutions for current challenges. Citizens shared a desire for further training as well as assistance and encouragement with digitisation. The state government took up this request and created the project, which is based on simple access, comprehensibility and practical relevance.

“'Digital in the future" gives you the opportunity to deal more intensively with a topic online. Comfortably from home, without extensive journeys, without prior registration and with a reasonable expenditure of time,” said Prime Minister Malu Dreyer at the start of the project.

Networking, exchanging ideas and attending workshops

The ”Digital in the Future” project consists of four parts: online trainings, digital toolbox, examples of good practices, and "Volunteer 4.0" ideas competition. The award creates an opportunity for organisations and projects that set innovative digital accents in very different areas of voluntary engagement.

The platform also provides a digital toolbox that is well organised by categories and areas of use, as well as information on efficiency, strengths and limitations of different services, manageability, costs, and data security.  

The weekly digital ideas workshops and introductory workshops will help volunteers in testing the different mechanisms. Exchange and networking opportunities are additional pillars of “Digital in the Future”.

The project was implemented by the Volunteer and Citizen Participation Control Center in the State Chancellery in cooperation with a media company. Marc Jan Eumann, Director of the Medienanstalt Rheinland-Pfalz, said at the start of the project: “In the weekly seminars, our experts explain how you can proceed step by step and answer all your practical questions. The weekly workshops offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities."



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