With the planned 'Digital Learning Campus', students will also be able to network more easily, Source: Schlewig-Holstein

Digital Learning Campus opens in Schlewig-Holstein

Digital Learning Campus opens in Schlewig-Holstein

To create an interdisciplinary network of physical learning locations

A learning platform across universities will be soon available in Germany's northernmost state Schlewig-Holstein. Minister of Education Karin Prien presented "Digital Learning Campus", as the platform is known, at the Hanover Fair.

The basic concept behind it is that all learners in state education systems and the regional economy would need new learning locations for modern basic education at colleges, technical schools, and universities, as well as for their further education, in order to continuously acquire new digital and technological skills.

The campus can be accessed with a smartphone, on a computer, or in group video conferences, interactive learning is now a part of most schoolchildren's and students' daily lives.

Available for students, teachers, entrepreneurs and employees

In particular, in the "Digital Learning Campus," interconnected learning locations can be developed not only at university locations, but also in businesses, academic institutions, and "open locations." The digital offer should be available not only to students and teachers but also to entrepreneurs and employees.

The functions offered include learning and maker spaces, laboratories, coding boot camps and virtual reality studios. In addition to learning together, there should also be opportunities for professional development and co-working.

"The 'Digital Learning Campus' is unique in Europe in this form," said Minister Prien at the presentation. The aim of the "Digital Learning Campus" is to create an interdisciplinary network of physical learning locations. Here new technologies and applications are to be developed, tried out and learned. "Together with science and industry, we want to create new offers for technologies and applications that bring AI to life as software," emphasised the official.

Representatives from business and science are currently advising the Ministry of Education on which principles should be established further. Based on these findings, a funding guideline will be created to enable projects to be funded, beginning in 2022.



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