Espoo Children's book, Source: City of Espoo

Discover Espoo through the eyes of children

Discover Espoo through the eyes of children

A new book presenting the city in a manner suitable for toddlers has been developed with the input of local children

In order to help children of Espoo find out more about their city, local authorities have designed a new book with the help of local youth. Kurkkaa Esposeen was illustrated by Carlos Da Cruz and is entirely textless. The purpose of the illustrations is to awaken the children themselves to tell meaningful stories about the children and families' own daily lives in Espoo, their own hometown.

Reaching children through children

Kurkkaa Esposeen was created in collaboration with pre-school groups and Da Cruz. The children have been allowed to comment on the sketches and hope for what is shown in the illustrations. Based on the children's suggestions, the Tapiola cheese sea and the Suvela duck park have been added to the illustrations.

Some of the pre-school groups who participated in the illustration work camped in the objects of the drawings and discussed the significance of the immediate environment. In connection with the book, the children's thoughts were also collected for updating the city's strategy, i.e. the Espoo story.

One of the four cross-administrative development programs for the 2017–2021 term of office is Participating Espoo. Within the framework of this program, the involvement of local residents has been promoted by boldly utilizing new ways and means.

“The population of Espoo is growing every year with about 4500 new residents. It is seen as important that new residents join Espoo and find places that are relevant to them here and learn to see the special features of their own residential area,” says cultural manager Tiina Kasvi.

The book will be distributed to all Espoo children born in 2017 and 2018 in connection with a 4-year counselling visit in 2021 and 2022. In addition, the book will be delivered to all pre-school groups, municipal early childhood education groups and libraries.

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