Discover the history of Nicosia by bike

Discover the history of Nicosia by bike

Take part in the cycling tour this Saturday

The ancient history of Nicosia  begins at the geological birth of Cyprus and continues into the present. Nicosia has retained its  Old Town which is noted for its Venetian architecture and has been the capital of Cyprus for a millennium. The walled city of the Cypriot capital is filled with monuments that stand as reminders of the people who lived there. 

These structures wait for the passersby to take a moment off their busy daily routines and take a closer look at them. This is also the aim of the upcoming cycling tour - to invite people to discover Nicosia’s living history and underlying diversity.

This Saturday, 14th December all cyclists are invited to cross the old town of Nicosia on their bikes. All participants in the bike tour will ride together around both sides of the buffer zone that splits the city and will try to give voice to these silent narrators.

Look for the lost detail that never got noticed 

Come to look for the lost detail that never got noticed before. Try to hear the handmade iron nails being hammered onto Paphos gate and the wings of the Lion of Venice flapping above the home of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios. Absorb the vibrant sounds in the middle of Buyuk Han’s courtyard. That and much more is what beautiful and full of history Nicosia has to offer.

The tour will be held in English and as it plans to cross both sides of the border checkpoints, participants are asked to bring their identification cards. The cycling tour will be guided by Marios Antoniou. It will start at 2.30pm and will finish at 5pm. The participation fee is 5 euros.



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