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Discover the Mobile Bag

Discover the Mobile Bag

Deposit your old Smartphone; help the environment and a person in need

The Bag aims to connect people while contributing to the circular economy. It is an opportunity for the residents of participating communities to dispose of their unused mobile phones and devices in a smarter and sustainable way.  Once deposited at the municipality, the mobile devices take off on a new journey: those which are still usable will be refurbished and distributed to persons in need by the NGO Digital Inclusion and the rest – will be disassembled in eReUse workshops by Caritas Luxembourg with the objective to be recycled.

The campaign aims to put resources back in use, to create new and inclusive job and learning opportunities for people in need, as well as to facilitate their access to new technologies. A total of 8000 devices have been collected so far.

The mobile devices can be deposited freely, even without chargers or periphery, at the designed places (usually municipal buildings, full list available at What is essential however is to clear-off the device of any personal data, through which the previous owner might be identified. Therefore, before leaving it, the citizens are advised to reset to factory settings and remove SIM-cards or memory cards, or else this will be done by authorised personnel.

The Mobile Bag is a common initiative of Caritas Luxembourg and




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