Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris opens vaccination centre on 24 April

Disneyland Paris opens vaccination centre on 24 April

It aims to help speed up the inoculation process in France

From Saturday 24 April, Disneyland Paris will open a mass vaccination site at its Newport Bay Club, a convention centre located near its hotel complex. Although the centre will be in close proximity to the hotel, it will be isolated. By hosting a vaccination site, Europe’s famous attraction demonstrates its determination to help France in the fight against COVID.

How will it work?

According to a statement by the prefecture of Seine-et-Marne, it is estimated that the new site will help vaccinate at least 1,000 people per day. Moreover, it will reportedly open exclusively on weekends from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Taking this further, over 60 doctors, nurses, firefighters, and reception staff will be mobilised to help the operation of this new vaccination centre.

The aforementioned statement also explained that those who are eligible for the Pfizer vaccine will be able to visit this site with the necessary documents to receive their vaccine. However, it is important to note that before visiting the vaccination centre, everyone must first make an appointment on the online Doctolib platform.

Indefinitely closed

Like all non-essential businesses in the past year, the amusement park was forced to stop operating due to the outbreak of COVID. More specifically, Disneyland closed its doors on 30 October and tens of thousands of employees inevitably lost their jobs.

Although it initially planned on resuming business at the start of April, it recently announced that this would not be possible due to the high number of cases. As such, the famous amusement park is closed for an indefinite amount of time.

Currently, 4.68 million people are fully vaccinated in France. What is more, a total of 17.4 million doses have been distributed. These statistics bode well for the future of the country and its fight against COVID.

Now, the new vaccination centre in Disneyland will ensure that the process of inoculation is sped up so that France can soon regain its freedom.



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