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Donate blood, get a free Christmas tree

Donate blood, get a free Christmas tree

The holiday offer is made available by Polish State Forests department

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, blood donors in Poland might get a special surprise: a real Christmas tree. The gift is part of the "Christmas Tree for Life" campaign by State Forests in cooperation with the Regional Blood Donation and Treatment Centers across the country. It will take place on 16 December.

Blood donors deserve a special recognition

Blood donors who donate blood on 16 December at several designated points in Poland, will be thanked with a natural tree straight from the forest. The special gift comes as a recognition for a special gesture and the priceless gift it brings – the gift of life.

"Blood is a drug that cannot be manufactured," the official announcement reads. Only thanks to such noble and sensitive people as the blood donors, it is possible to perform complicated operations, save the health and life of seriously ill people and help victims of accidents. That is why these people deserve a gift that has been cared for.

The trees from the State Forests come from nursing cuts planned by foresters and from special Christmas tree plantations. Most often these are places in the forest where tall trees cannot grow, such as under power lines, or where other uses of this area have been planned for the future. To keep the number of unused trees to a minimum, Christmas trees are cut and delivered on a regular basis.

Who can donate blood?

As a reminder, you can donate blood in Poland if:

  • you are between 18 and 65 years old and weigh more than 50 kg,
  • you do not have cold/flu symptoms,
  • in the last six months you have not been treated with blood or blood products, and you have not had any surgeries, endoscopic procedures and other diagnostic tests,
  • in the last 6 months, you have not received acupuncture, tattoos, piercing of the ears or other parts of the body.

To donate and get your special tree, simply report to the nearest Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Center, its Local Department or to a mobile blood donation campaign. On the day of donating, eat an easily digestible, low-fat meal and be properly hydrated (drink approx. 2 litres of fluids: water, juices), and reduce smoking. Remember to take an identity document with you.

Can you donate blood if you are vaccinated against COVID-19?

People who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 may donate blood in the following cases:

  • 48 hours from the day of administration of the Pfizer / BioNTech or Moderna mRNA vaccine;
  • 14 days after administration of the Astra Zeneca or Johnson and Johnson vector vaccine;
  • In the case of an adverse reaction after vaccination, the disqualification is extended for a period of 7 days from the disappearance of the symptoms of this reaction.

So, even if you live outside of Poland, you can still perform the noblest deed. Drop by your nearest donation centre and donate blood - this will surely help make 2021 a more meaningful year.



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