Drone in Krakow

Drones monitor compliance with ban on burning coal and wood in Krakow

Drones monitor compliance with ban on burning coal and wood in Krakow

Here is another practical use of drones for environmental protection

Krakow is taking another step in the fight against winter smog and the serious air pollution caused by human action. As of this heating season, the Polish city will be monitoring how the ban against burning coal and wood is observed using drones.

The aerial inspections have begun last week and will last until December 10. This is one of the elements of the recently adopted control system developed for the 2019/2020 heating season  in the Polish city. Checks are carried out using an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) equipped with a measuring head that allows for an extremely precise indication of the place where pollution was detected.

The measurement of basic parameters, including the level of PM2.5 and PM10 dust pollution is carried out immediately and then transferred to a ground control station, explains Jan Urbańczyk, director of the air quality department - a unit coordinating the implementation of the furnace control system and organizing tests using a camera drone.

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Drone monitoring of coal and wood burning ban in Krakow will last till December

Fine of up to 5,000 PLN

The tests are conducted by a team consisting of a drone operator, an employee of the air quality department and a municipal guard, so that if an offense against the ban is detected, an immediate check in place can be carried out. The latter may result in a fine of PLN 20 to PLN 500, which could go as high as PLN 5,000 in the event of refusal to accept it.

Smog has been a serious concern for the local authorities in many European cities. Krakow is one of the municipalities trying to halt the intense air pollution, caused by burning of coal and wood for heating. The former Polish capital has been replacing coal furnaces, providing subsidies for solar collectors and heat pumps and educating locals and industrials on means to reach climate neutrality. Mayor Jacek Majchrowski is positive that each year the efforts in this direction are gaining in visibility.



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