Dublin is home 2 million people, yet it sees three times the number of visitors every year

Dublin rolls out free public Wi-Fi system

Dublin rolls out free public Wi-Fi system

The initiative is part of the Smart Dublin programme and it aims to close the digital divide

Yesterday, authorities in Dublin announced that they would roll out an open, public Wi-Fi network in the city, following a successful trial project at the city’s Bernardo Square. The network is supposed to service Dublin’s residents and visitors offering a seamless transition from hotspot to hotspot.

The new service will be called OpenRoaming and it will require people to connect just once with their devices to a Wi-Fi spot. After that, they will be able to move about the city and stay connected without any additional haste. The initiative is part of the Smart Dublin programme, with the support of the Wireless Broadband Alliance and Virgin Media.

Stay connected in Dublin

Launching a city-wide Wi-Fi network seems like a dream come true for many municipalities, especially considering the importance of accessing the internet when administrative services are going online. This is what OpenRoaming promises for Dublin - a high-quality, high-speed connection on the go.

Furthermore, according to official sources, expanding the free Wi-Fi network would help the Irish capital meet its Smart City goals. This includes offering residents and visitors a free connection. Currently, the Dublin Metro area is home to about 2 million people, which is projected to reach 2.2 million in 2030.

This accounts for around 30% of the Irish population, while also attracting 6.6 million overseas visitors per year. OpenRoaming would allow all these people to find their way in the city much easier, by helping them find restaurants, public transport schedules, directions and more.

Jamie Cudden, Smart City Lead for the City of Dublin, explained that the city is at the forefront of digital transformation, serving as a model for Ireland and the EU. He also pointed out that making Wi-Fi easily accessible to everyone is an instrumental decision in closing the digital divide.



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