The film is silent so that it can communicate with many diverse cultures , Source: City of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik creates animation to educate tourists on proper behaviour

Dubrovnik creates animation to educate tourists on proper behaviour

The city will be showing the film in all ports, airports and institutions to really get the message out there

Yesterday, the City of Dubrovnik unveiled a new animated short film aimed at educating tourists and visitors on expectable behaviour in the city’s historic centre. According to Mayor Mato Franković, the creators decided to make the film silent so that it can communicate with the widest audience possible.

The mayor was quoted in an official statement explaining that idea of the film is not to punish tourists but to raise awareness of damaging behaviours. Moreover, he pointed out that Dubrovnik’s issues in this regard are not unique and most European tourist cities with large historic areas and UNESCO heritage sites face.

Unwanted behaviour in Dubrovnik’s historic centre

According to the video, some of the unwanted behaviour includes eating and drinking on cultural monuments as well as littering, with a special focus on cigarette butts. Additionally, there are restrictions on people walking around in the old city in their bathing suits, with local authorities recommending visitors put some clothes on before taking a walk.

Pet dogs are also prohibited from urinating and defecating in the historic centre and all pet owners need to keep them on a leash. While Dubrovnik wants to remain wheelchair accessible, the historic centre does not allow the entry of bikes and electric scooters.

One of the more quirky bans includes dragging luggage with wheels on the cobblestone pavement as people would be required to carry their bags – to not cause excessive noise pollution for residents. The same can be said for loud noises during the night.

Spreading the message  

According to local authorities in Dubrovnik, the video will be shown during flights from Croatian Airlines and cruise ships entering Croatian ports. It will also be playing on repeat at Dubrovnik’s airport and seaport, as well as all internet platforms the city operates.



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