E-scooter-specific parking places to be inaugurated around Munich

E-scooter-specific parking places to be inaugurated around Munich

The first parking spaces are located in Schwabing with other areas to follow

Special parking spaces for e-scooters are being set up on Munich’s Schwabing as part of the municipality's larger push to create better conditions for alternative forms of mobility. The new parking spaces are slated to expand to other parts of the city in the near future as it gears up to better greet the challenges of the future.

Incentives in order to create order

One of the most common complaints related to e-scooters is the fact that users park them improperly – simply tossing them aside or leaving them in the middle of nowhere. The new parking spaces are meant to remedy the problem with authorities hoping that e-scooter providers will create sufficient incentives for their use.

"The use (of the parking spaces) is on a voluntary basis, but I hope that the providers will create financial incentives so that their e-scooters can be parked on the designated areas and thus gain broader acceptance among the population," stated Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter. "And I can only appeal to the users to always think of the others and to park the scooters in such a way that they do not affect anyone and that people with visual impairments, for example, can safely pass them."

Thus, the providers will be requested to create ample conditions for the use of these new additions to Munich’s urban environment. Officials suggest for them to add the new locations to their apps so that they are clearly visible and apparent for users.

The first locations where parking spaces can be found are Giselastraße, 2 at Leopoldstraße, Marktstraße, Haimhauser Straße and Trautenwolfstraße. The local government will expand on the current arsenal by creating even more parking spaces in the city’s middle ring in the near future.



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