Signing of the Agreement for an e-ticketing system in Split, Source: Grad Split

E-tickets to be introduced on Split’s public transport

E-tickets to be introduced on Split’s public transport

The city signed an agreement for the system’s procurement last week

The Croatian city of Split has signed a contract for the procurement of an e-ticketing system for its public transport network, marking a significant step towards the service’s modernization and the improvement to its quality of services.

Going smart and improving customer satisfaction

"This is not just a confirmation that our city carrier Promet has finally become a healthy and modern company. This is an additional confirmation that the application of smart solutions, such as e-ticketing system, has strengthened the status of Split as a smart city" stated the Mayor of Split Andro Krstulović Opara at the signing ceremony of the contract for e-ticketing within the EU project.

Speaking about the importance of the signed contract, worth 23 million kuna, of which as much as 12 million kuna from the ITU mechanism is non-refundable, the mayor emphasized the high expertise of all actors in this project.

"Behind today's act is a lot of work and effort, both city services and people from Promet, a company that has been profoundly restructured and modernized through a major renewal of the vehicle fleet. This is a reflection of the knowledge and expertise of the people we have. This is the result of a vision without which there are no steps forward, no look to the future.

Using smart solutions, and exceptional technological innovations, Split is becoming a city of comfortable living for its citizens and all those who come to visit it. We have shown that as a city administration we are able to attract large funds and strategically consider the development of Split.

In the past 4 years, the professional services of our city administration, together with partners, have attracted over 300 million kuna intended for the Urban Agglomeration of Split from the ITU mechanism, within the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion. Indeed, we have a reason for great satisfaction" explained Mayor Krstulović Opara.

Through a short presentation, Transport Director Miroslav Delić also introduced the guests to the importance of e-ticketing, saying that the system will improve the availability of public transport, increase passenger information, improve the data management system and raise citizens' awareness of the benefits of public transport.

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