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Electronic registration mandated upon arrival in Lithuania

Electronic registration mandated upon arrival in Lithuania

Arrivals from 13 countries need not to self-isolate

From today (Tuesday), all passengers arriving in Lithuania must submit personal data electronically to the National Public Health Center ( NVSC ), reported BNS. A passenger arriving on a regular, special or charter flight, by sea or land must fill in an electronic form on the NVSC website before the trip and submit the received confirmation - the so-called QR (Quick Response) code - to the carrier upon boarding the vehicle.

The new procedure "will make it easier to collect data on people returning from affected countries and ensure that they follow the isolation procedure," said Aurelijus Veryga, Minister of Health and head of the national emergency operations.

If the person does not have a mobile device or Internet access, carriers or their representatives must provide the means for completing the questionnaire. In exceptional cases carriers may hand out printed questionnaires and following their completion, submit them to NVSC within 24 hours.

In addition, persons arriving in Lithuania by land using personal transport are obliged, within 12 hours of arrival, to register with the NVSC if they travel from or through a country with a high rate of coronavirus cases. Persons transiting through Lithuania are exempted from this obligation.

9 countries added to the green list

Meanwhile, the Lithuanian government has elevated the self-isolation threshold from 16 to 25 cases of Covid-19 per 100 000 people. This means that only people arriving from countries with more than 25 cases will need to spend 14 days in isolation.

So, from Monday, people arriving in Lithuania from Germany, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Serbia and Canada will no longer be required to self-isolate. As before, arrivals from Finland, Cyprus, Estonia, and Latvia will not need to self-quarantine. The self-isolation regime is expected to be reduced to 10 days, following a Cabinet decision later this week.

People arriving from affected countries are also required to present a prior Covid-19 test valid for 72 hours. Lithuanian residents are exempt, but will still have to get tested within three days of arriving in the country.

According to the latest data from the European Centre for Disease Control, Spain has the highest rate of Covid-19 cases at 270.7 and Latvia occupies the bottom at 4.2.



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