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Emission-free construction of Espoo’s Lukoti square wraps up

Emission-free construction of Espoo’s Lukoti square wraps up

The venture was the first of its kind in the city and paves the way for more environmentally friendly construction sites

The residents of Espoo’s Suurpello district will finally have access to their long-awaited, new central square. The new market area with streets connecting it to the rest of the city was implemented as a pilot site for the emission-free construction site concept. The site promoted the achievement of emission reductions and the circular economy as part of the EU-funded Carbon Neutral and Resource-Wise Business Areas HNRY project.

Construction going environmentally friendly

Construction is a major source of pollution and with Espoo having set for itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2030, it has become the focus of many projects that aim to curb emissions.

"The main sources of emissions at the construction sites are work machines and logistics transport, concrete drying and heating of buildings. The city can be a pioneer in harnessing fossil-generated propulsion and promoting lower-emission ways of working and resource-wise.

Espoo also implemented new ways to promote the development by renting a 4.2t, green-electric wheel loader to the contractor and gave the contractor a bonus for using low-emission construction equipment," explained Hannu Lehtikankare, the city’s construction manager. 

Espoo signed the Public Procurement Greenhouse Green Deal with the Ministry of the Environment and other large cities in September 2020. The reading market pilot site has already implemented the commitment criteria as far as possible. In cooperation with the Green deal, a zero-emission construction site concept is being prepared, for which a guide will be published in spring 2021.

With the development of the square, the city's residents will benefit not only from cleaner air but also from the reduction of noise and dust. An emission-free construction site is also more comfortable for employees. A clean and safe environment will change attitudes towards construction sites that will inevitably continue to exist in any growing city.



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