A soldier at the entrance of the mobile sauna, Source: HUUM

Estonia boosts Ukrainian soldiers’ morale with mobile sauna

Estonia boosts Ukrainian soldiers’ morale with mobile sauna

The truck units are meant to provide some respite and comfort on the tough winter war front

Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the frontline received an interesting Christmas gift from Estonia the other day. The Baltic country sent them a unique mobile sauna unit, which is mounted on a truck and can move together with the army. The aim is to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation (as much as possible) during the raw winter conditions burdening the Ukrainian frontline.

The mobile sauna unit also contains a laundry facility, so that soldiers will be able to keep a good sense of hygiene in the tough circumstances.

Since the unit is mobile, it can be placed several kilometres behind the lines and moved as and when necessary, with camouflage netting providing additional concealment. The Karpasta Sich volunteer battalion was the recipient of the gift.

A Christmas present that rejuvenates body and mind

The sauna has the capacity to host around 400 personnel over the course of a week.

Siim Nellis, who oversaw its production, told ETV that: "It's a complex of three machines which allows the soldiers to, first of all, have a sauna, then wash themselves, then rest, while at the same time they can wash and dry their clothes. This is vital for keeping up morale and wellness, week-by-week."

Apparently, the truck convoy was expedited at the Poland-Ukraine border and was processed in only three hours, since news of the sauna had already reached Ukraine and the gift was eagerly awaited. Normally, it takes up to three days to pass through customs formalities for many trucks.

The Eesti saun Ukrainasse ("Estonian sauna to Ukraine") initiative is a joint project being managed by Slava Ukraini MTÜ, the Toompea defence district (Malev) of the volunteer Defense League (Kaitseliit), and private sector firm OÜ Huum, which exports saunas.



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