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EU Commission will finance an expressway in Romania with 726 million euros

EU Commission will finance an expressway in Romania with 726 million euros

EU Cohesion Policy will help two Romanian regions boost its economy and enhance people's quality of life

The cities of Craiova and Piteşti in southwestern Romania will receive funding for the construction of a new express road approved by the European Commission. The investment will cost 726 million euros and will improve the infrastructure of the region.  

The new project is part of the EU Cohesion Policy, which is an EU strategy to encourage and facilitate the integration of Member States and their regions. The road is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. The road, which will be part of the Trans-European Transport Network, will have four lanes, two in each direction, ten interchanges, and 75 bridges.

The express road Craiova - Pitești has a total length of 121 km, provides two lanes in each direction, of 3.5-metre width each, without an emergency lane, sidewalks of 1.5 metres on each side and a median strip with a separator that is 3 metres wide.

The construction of the 121-km expressway has already been contracted. “The contract provides 12 months for design and 24 months for execution, and the warranty period is 120 months. I want the process not to be delayed by other appeals and for the National company for road infrastructure administration to sign the contract with the contractor in the coming days," announced the Minister of Transport, Cătălin Drulă, on his Facebook page.

Boosting the economy and improving the quality of life

Currently, the road allows for an average speed below 60 km/h yet at the same time, the number of fatalities is 5.8% higher than the Romanian average. With this investment, people will travel faster; it will also help boost the economy, and decrease transport costs.

When heavy traffic is diverted away from urban areas, it helps to relieve congestion and noise, reduce accidents, and enhance residents' quality of life. The road would generate temporary jobs and could increase trade in the region, resulting in economic growth and increased access to employment.

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