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EU funding supports childcare and educational opportunities in Split

EU funding supports childcare and educational opportunities in Split

Four kindergartens in the city had their capacity substantially improved thanks to the city’s latest project

The results of the city of Split’s latest EU project focused on families and education, "Kindergarten tailored to modern families 1 and 2", were presented earlier last week at a press conference held in front of the City Administration building. The project is worth 27.7 million kuna, for which the Split Development Agency has provided 100% funding from the European Social Fund, that have been divided among four local kindergartens in partnership with the City of Split.

To the benefit of families and children

As part of the project "Kindergarten tailored to the modern family 1" for which the holder was DV Radost, acting director Valentina Krstulović pointed out that in their institution and DV Marjan as a partner realized five extended programs, three-shift, two special and one afternoon, and 187 children are enrolled and 46 educators, professional associates and support staff are employed. Capacities have been strengthened through trainings, and equipment has been procured that enables better work with children.

Meanwhile, the beneficiaries of the 2nd part of the project have introduced 8 extended programs, one shift and one afternoon, as well as special programs such as sports, music, early English language learning. Furthermore, they have been able to send 162 educations to additional training which has allowed them to do a better job when working with kids with special needs.

“Through these two projects, programs were introduced that were necessary for Split's parents and their children - the afternoon, and extended shift programmes included 610 children and employed 89 employees, educators and professional staff” said the head of Split’s Social Services Mate Omazić, He further pointed out that these two projects wrap up in the beginning of January and the local government is ready to accept new applications by interested parties that will ultimately improve the life and education of Split’s families and their children.



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