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EUR 2.3 million to help 111 small businesses in Athens become greener

EUR 2.3 million to help 111 small businesses in Athens become greener

This is part of the ‘Athens Business Green Toolkit’ initiative

Last May, the Greek City of Athens invited small businesses located in the capital's historic centre to apply for financing that would improve their operations, making them greener and more efficient. Today, the municipality reported that it has accepted over 100 applications, meaning that it will now support 111 small businesses with EUR 2.3 million.

When applying for financing, the small businesses submitted their green investment plans (which cost between EUR 5,000 and 30,000). The municipality will now cover 80% of their total investments.

Becoming a more resilient city

Titled "Athens Business Green Toolkit: Upgrading businesses in the historic centre of Athens in terms of green operation to improve their image", the initiative will allow businesses to reduce their costs, upgrade their infrastructure, and reduce their energy loss, among others. Commenting on the toolkit, Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis shared:

“At a time when the energy crisis is becoming a key factor in the survival of small businesses, we are utilising European resources to once again support the market and offer economic respite to businesses in the historic centre. Through the “Athens Business Green Toolkit” initiative, 111 companies are upgraded operationally and energetically, ensuring significant financial benefits for themselves, but also great environmental benefits for the city.”

Taking this further, Mayor Bakoyannis explained that the targeted green interventions would accomplish two important goals; that is, they will strengthen the local economy and contribute to the creation of a sustainable and resilient city.

The European Regional Development Fund will finance the initiative, while the Development and Tourism Promotion Company of the Municipality of Athens will be responsible for its implementation. According to a press release from 2021, the capital plans to launch a second phase of the initiative, in which funding would reach up to EUR 5 million.



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