Reconstruction began on 21 March, Source: Grad Osijek

EUR 35 million project to modernise Osijek’s public transport

EUR 35 million project to modernise Osijek’s public transport

The Croatian city will make trams more accessible for people with disabilities

On 21 March, the reconstruction and modernisation of Osijek’s public transport officially began. As part of this project, the Croatian city will upgrade 9.5 kilometres of its tram tracks and build 23 stations suitable for people with disabilities. In other words, Osijek will make public transport easier to use and accessible for all citizens.

The modernisation of Osijek’s public transport will reportedly cost a total of HRK 267 million (over EUR 35 million), making it the first major investment in the city’s tram network in the last 14 years. EU funds will cover HRK 200 million (over EUR 26 million) of this investment, while the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Osijek will provide the remaining HRK 67 million (over EUR 8 million).

Low-floor trams and new buses

The main goal of this investment, according to the City of Osijek, is to upgrade the existing infrastructure to make public transport more accessible and in turn, attract more users. Expanding on this, the Mayor of Osijek Ivan Radić explained that the modernisation project is a preparation for the arrival of new low-floor trams.

“Along with the new low-floor trams that will arrive when the tram infrastructure is renewed, a new fleet of 13 buses will arrive in Osijek. Osijek will receive public city transport at the level of European standards in terms of safety, reliability, accessibility for people with disabilities, and the reduction of CO2 emissions,” Radić further explained.

The project will take place in several stages and include the reconstruction of the existing tram tracks as well as various other works such as the laying of underground cables, the renovation of rectifier stations, and the construction of a new tram depot, among others.

During the reconstruction, the City of Osijek will launch replacement buses to ensure that the work does not negatively impact citizens.



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