A visualisation of one of the buildings in the LeopoldQuartier, Source: HNP Architects

Europe’s first hybrid lumber quarter will be located in Vienna

Europe’s first hybrid lumber quarter will be located in Vienna

Its construction will emit much less carbon and its operations when ready will be net-zero, thanks to geothermal and photovoltaics

Last week, the Viennese City Council approved the zoning and development plan for Europe’s first urban quarter featuring hybrid lumber. The so-called Leopold Quarter (LeopoldQuartier) will be built on the Danube Canal, an artificial branch of the river, made to help regulate flooding.

The Quarter will offer offices, flats and service apartments in five new energy and carbon-efficient buildings, in a relatively compact area of 22,900 square metres. Due to the building’s unique design and material usage, they will emit much less CO2 during construction and throughout their lifetime.

Wooden skyscrapers, growing in Europe

Wooden high-rise buildings have started to take hold of the construction sector, as the industry tries to decarbonise. Apart from the durability of wooden structures, as well as the fire resistance, which is comparable to that of concrete, they offer the great benefit of not producing additional carbon during construction.

With the new technique of glueing different pieces of wood to form thick load-bearing beams, developers and architects can now start planning their structures in height, as lumber-based skyscrapers spring up across Europe’s skylines.

The Leopold Quarter

The LeopoldQuartier is the first urban district in Europe to be built entirely using a timber hybrid construction method. Furthermore, after it is complete, it will be powered through 100% green-energy – geothermal and a photovoltaic system.

Consequently, the complex should have net-zero emissions and according to the developers, should emit around 300 tons of CO2 less annually, compared to alternatives working with district heating. Construction of the quarter is set to start in 2023 and is scheduled for completion in 2025.



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